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“It’s a nursery at University. There is no need for explanation”

I would not have got my degree without ARU Nursery & their support. Closure of this Nursery should not be an option. It serves ARU Students, Cambridge’s working families and very importantly the excellent long term serving staff who make the Nursery the wonderful place that it is.

This is essential to equal opportunities for women.

Essential if study is to available to all.

The right to education is a fundamental entitlement to everyone, regardless of circumstance.

I was only able to join the staff because the nursery facility was available.

The university is all inclusive so the nursery should be allowed to continue

There is so much written about how to support women in academic subjects such as STEM, and this nursery closure is incredibly unhelpful in this matter. Cambridge city hasn’t got enough provision for childcare for working families. I am a University Lecturer and remember struggling to find a nursery for my daughter in 2000 and it is very disappointing to see that struggles such as these are still as acute today.

This is needed for the student parents.

This would be very bad.

Beside being a vital service for many who have no other means of support, this is a true community of staff, children and parents who rely completely on it staying open. Taking it away will scatter that community, and worse, it will take away the opportunity of access to education for the students it was originally set up for.

As a mature student (and a grandma!) I am sad to think that the nursery closure might make it more difficult, if not impossible, for a mature student with a young child to enjoy the opportunity of being a student at ARU.

I think that the university needs to act to ensure that current student parents are supported throughout their degree to the standard they were led to expect when they started, and that there is effort to work on the clear access issue that prospective student parents now potentially face if there is no childcare available to them. Such an awful situation, I’m fully against the nursery closure.

I have signed because I am also expecting a baby and would like to be on a waiting list to this nursery. It is a chance for me and I dont understand why someone wants to close it right now.

it’s only fair for those students with children who can’t afford a babysitter etc. why deny them a decent education?

I believe in inclusive and accessible education

Because closing this nursery will make so many women unable to attend University and better themselves. Everyone deserves that chance.

The nursery is a vital part of the ARU community, and combines both social and learning space for the benefit of students and staff. To close it is to discriminate against those with parental responsibilities.

Everyone deserves an education whether they have little ones or not. Ex student from Anglia Ruskin and I believe that it is a vital service necessary for some students to be able to complete their degrees.

I am a pregnant student at ARU


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